So what exactly is Our Little Helper?

Our Little Helper is a simple yet effective Chrome browser extension that gives you a gentle nudge if there is a discount voucher or offer available on the website you are using. Saving you time and money!

Never Miss Another Discount

When you're shopping online, Our Little Helper is working hard to find you the best voucher codes and deals and tell you about them right away, so you'll never have to think about looking for an offer again! Unlike other similar tools, if you don't want to use a code we've found for you, you can easily ignore our message and continue shopping in peace.

More Time For You To Have Fun!

There's no doubt we all love shopping, but who's got time to trawl the internet for the best coupons and promo's? Nobody!

Our Little Helper uses a database of thousands of promotions updated daily by a team of dedicated bargain hunters, doing the hard work for you!

Exclusive Discounts Just For You

Not only does Our Little Helper save you time and money at every click, we also have access to Exclusive discount codes that you really won't find anywhere else! And the best part is, you won't have to go looking for them.

What Do You Have To Lose?

Try Our Little Helper today and start saving!

Only Available in Chrome (Desktop)